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Wills and Estate Planning are important for the protection of our families and charitable interests.  They also involve a complex and highly specialized area of Jewish law.  Many people hire financial consultants and legal professionals to ensure the distribution of their estate in secular law, but fail to protect those same interests in Halacha.  This oversight leaves room for costly and unnecessary conflict.

The RCC Beis Din has arranged with Bais HaVaad Halacha Center, The Center for the Study and Practice of Monetary Halacha, to provide halachic guidance with wills, trusts, and estate planning for members of our community.  Bais HaVaad Halacha Center, based in Lakewood New Jersey, has established itself as the foremost educational resource in the nation for Choshen Mishpat, applied monetary halacha.

To consult with a specialist concerning the Laws of Inheritance and Estate Planning , please call the Bais HaVaad office at 1-888-ITL-Vaad or click on this link to visit their website:http://www.thehalachacenter.org/