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Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party called a “mediator” helps the parties try and reach a settlement by mutual agreement.  The mediator does not decide the dispute.  Instead, he helps the parties communicate so that they can come to an arrangement between themselves.  Many courts including those in California have a mandatory mediation program in which litigants in civil cases must first meet with a mediator before going to trial on their case.  In Jewish law, Halacha teaches us that “מצוה לבצוע”, it is praiseworthy and desirable to reach a compromise or mutually agreeable settlement.

The Beis Din of the RCC, in conjunction with Eisenberg & Associates, a California law firm located blocks from our office, offer a unique program designed for mediation of Din Torah disputes.  Litigating parties who have signed our binding arbitration agreement are eligible for three (3) hours of mediation with an experienced lawyer who is a trained mediator at a reduced flat rate of $500, which covers the first three hours of mediation (a total payment of $250 per side), far below the standard prices charged.  If necessary, parties may extend the mediation for additional hours at standard rates.

To access the Mediation Services, please complete the Din Torah application and indicate your willingness to try mediation.  We will then send you an arbitration agreement to sign and schedule the mediation for Mr. Eisenberg’s office.  If the mediation is successful, it will be legally binding.  If the parties are unable to reach agreement, the Beis Din will schedule a Din Torah hearing before its Dayanim and render a psak din, a legal judgment.