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5 Easy Steps to Kosher Certification

1. Contact the RCC

You can contact the RCC by calling 213-389-3382.We will answer any preliminary questions you may have and ask some questions to determine whether the product or manufacturing process are compatible with Kashrut. You may also e-mail us at info@rccvaad.org.

2. Submit Your Application

This will give us a preliminary understanding of your operation. Should you have any questions about the online application, any member of our professional staff will be happy to assist you. The RCC keeps all submitted information strictly confidentialA more detailed application will be sent to you, subsequent to the initial contact and evaluation. Please note that as part of the certification process, you will be required to submit additional forms detailing your ingredients and products information.

Retail Application (restaurant/catering)
Industrial Application (commercial products)

3. The Initial Visit / inspection

After reviewing the application a RCC Rabbinic Coordinator will visit your facilities for an initial, comprehensive inspection. This inspection gives us a thorough understanding of your company’s unique features. The Rabbinic Coordinator will outline the procedures that your company must adhere to in order to receive and maintain kosher certification.

4. Contract

Like any reliable partnership, a written agreement outlining the terms and provisions of the partnership is essential. The contract is a list of standard clauses, certification fees and special clauses crafted to specific needs or situations pertaining to your company’s kosher program.After completing the initial inspection, the Rabbinic Coordinator will report back to our Kashruth Commission. The Kashruth Commission will then determine a program for supervision and calculate your annual fee. The fee structure is based on a variety of factors, including the nature of the production, the location and the amount of effort necessary to maintain your kosher program. If any matters remain outstanding, we will work with you to resolve them in a mutually satisfactory fashion.We will then forward a contract to you for your approval.

5. Receive a Kosher Certificate

Upon completion of the signed contract and payment of certification fees, we will issue a Kosher Certificate to your company. The certificate details the certified products and grants you the right to display our registered RCC symbol on these products

An Ongoing Partnership

Regular, periodic visits will be made by a RCC Rabbinic field representative. On these Kosher visits he will check ingredients, products, labels, etc. in order to monitor and audit compliance with the terms of the agreement.