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The Rabbinical Council of California (RCC) is the largest body of Orthodox Rabbis in the Western United States. Its seventy members serve as pulpit Rabbis ministering to congregations and heads of educational institutions. These Rabbis directly serve an estimated six thousand families, and network with a far greater population in both the Orthodox and non-Orthodox Jewish communities. The RCC’s constituency is concentrated in southern California but services the Bay area as well.

The RCC is a non-profit organization with a dual-purpose mission. Firstly, the RCC provides the community at large with organized Rabbinic services including kosher food supervision, arbitration and mediation, and assistance with personal matters such as marriage, divorce, and conversion. Our members and professional staff are involved in virtually all facets of religious Jewish life on the west coast.

Secondly, the RCC is a council of Rabbis which provides professional services to enhance the effectiveness of the Rabbinate. We offer our members programs and tools to assist in community work, and serve as a platform for communication and discussion of current issues and needs.